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NYC Programs

Multi-family Conservation Program

This program allows owners to pay an annual flat rate for water, instead of usage shown on the meter.

Who may join?

To join the MCP (Multi-family Conservation Program), the property must have 4 or more residential units. Keep in mind that if you do join the program, and then decide to convert back to metered billing, you'll have to wait two years to rejoin.

  • Pros
    Never overpay for tenants' neglect and waste
    Easy to organize finances and ensure that rent roll covers water expenses
    No seasonal fluctuations
  • Con
    In some cases, the MCP level rate may be higher than the actual usage.

To join, or not to join?

It's a weighty decision that can save or cost tens of thousands a year, so you don't want to base it on a hunch. The Water Group analyzes your property's usage and uses current and projected rates to recommend the best move.

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