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You get the ball rolling!

All it takes is one phone call and basic information that you already know:
The building's address, the account number with the water company, and the number of units.
You don't need to send bills or sign consent forms.

We analyze the data

We go back ten years and compile a spreadsheet tracking the usage and rates for comparison. All the records are accessible to us on the city's computer database, so we don't need to bother you.

We evaluate the property

A field technician is dispatched to physically examine the water system set-up of the property.

We get back to you

Together, we'll review our recommended cost saving strategy for your particular property. All managers, owners, shareholders and other interested parties are welcome to join and discuss the approach.

We implement the strategy

As soon as we have your approval, our field team will administer any repairs or physical changes at the property, and our office staff will work with the water company to resolve any issues.

You save water, time and money!

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