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Water Conservation

Why are my water bills so high?

If you own property in or near New York City, you've seen a steady increase in your water bills every quarter that doesn't seem to be leveling off anytime soon. It's one of the unfortunate realities of property ownership. The obvious reason is the DEP's constant rate increases (nearly $10 per hundred cubic feet today, as compared to $.66 back in 1981), but there may be additional factors at play.

Tenants consume, landlord pays

You don't need a degree in psychology to know what happens when a commodity is free. It's easy to enjoy long, hot showers, refill the swimming pool daily, and forget about the running toilet when the landlord foots the bill. The good news is that now you can keep that flow under control.

Here's how:

Install water saving devices on water fixtures

  • MagicTech water regulators

    We can permanently install these highly efficient, patent-pending devices on every faucet in your rental units. The MagicTech device reduces the water flow, but you won't hear complaints from the residents! That's because it simultaneously increases the water pressure, resulting in a better experience overall.

    MagicTech is approved by the DHCR and yields points towards LEED certification
  • Of course, less water also means less energy

    According to the EPA, heating water amounts to 15% of a family's energy costs. In properties with multiple units, especially older buildings where the flow rate can be 7 gallons per minute, the savings will be significant.
  • The 'No risk-zero down' option

    If you'd rather not invest in the device right now, you can have us install the MagicTech water regulators at no cost to you. Your payment to us will be 50% of the realized cost savings for the first three years. You pay nothing upfront, yet save and then save even more!
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Consider installing sub-meters for commercial tenants

For commercial or mixed-use buildings, sub-meters are an excellent choice. They make it easy for management to identify problems and allow every tenant to pay for their own water usage. Interestingly, tenants often welcome the transition to a sub-metering network. They'd rather pay for exactly the amount they used than see their rent or common area maintenance charges constantly raised to cover their neighbors' wasted water costs.

More about commercial sub-meters

Keep all water fixtures and plumbing in good repair

An EPA survey found that 10% of homes have leaks that waste about 90 gallons of water per day. A running toilet can even waste 200 gallons a day! While many homeowners will diligently inspect the water fixtures in their homes, only the most responsible, green-minded tenants will be motivated to do so.

To get an expert analysis of your property's water and sewer service set-up, have our field specialist conduct a site survey. If the survey uncovers even one problem, it'll pay for itself in no time.

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Promote conservation for tenants

Sure, your tenants all heard of conservation. But a little encouragement goes a long way!
Have your maintenance crew post these quick tips for water savings in the hallways or elevator of each building to inspire better habits.

Print water saving tips for residents

Print water saving tips for businesses

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