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Negotiating with Your Water Service Provider

We go back a long way

Since we've been resolving water-related issues for more than two decades, we have a longstanding relationship with the DEP and other water companies in New York and New Jersey.
They know that any case from The Water Group is thoroughly researched and documented, and the claims are accurate. In the past twenty years, we have reached a satisfactory resolution on nearly every case we have presented, with only two exceptions.

No need to go to court

Taking a case to court is a tremendous drain on time and resources. Often the savings don't even justify the cost involved. At the Water Group, we nearly always work at the administrative level. Your case will be resolved in a pleasant and timely manner, and you won't need to be involved at all.

One caveat: Do it within four years

You should be aware that the statute of limitations for NYC propeties is four years. So, if you suspect errors in your water bills, it's smart to see to it immediately.

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