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Water Management Services

There's real estate management and then there's water management

If you manage real estate you know how difficult it is to pinpoint the source of a water problem. It's certainly a whole lot easier to have the bookkeeper write out a check to your water service provider. But as the water rate escalates, overpaying for water will cut deeply into the rent roll, so it makes sense to keep an expert involved to solve any problems.

What's included in water management?

Water management services are customized for each individual client.

Services include:

  • routine site surveys

    get regular physical evaluations of your property for early detection and immediate repair
  • commercial meter billing

    have us generate accurate individual water bills for your commercial tenants
  • monitoring of water usage

    instead of calling us when you notice something wrong, you'll receive a call from us that the issue has been noticed and resolved
  • installation of water saving devices

    reduce waste in residential units with the MagicTech water regulator
  • keeping system code-compliant

    never worry about liability or violations again
  • guidance regarding programs and conservation

    get inside information on the latest ways to save
  • maximizing cooling tower savings

    find out how much more your cooling tower can save you when we negotiate with the water company on your behalf

Hands-on Management
  • "One of our properties, a complex commercial property in Times Square, houses a few restaurants, a movie theater and several large retailers. By 2010, the annual total cost for water exceeded $250,000, yet we were only recouping about 10% of that amount from the tenants. The Water Group helped us activate our dormant sub-metering network and they continue to manage the water billing for us. They come down each month to ensure that the system is running perfectly, and bill our tenants monthly for their exact usage."

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