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Water: The free commodity

Water's free, isn't it?
That's what your tenants may think. And, until recently, many property owners didn't mind all that much. But with the annual sharp increases in rates, management is grappling with a new reality:
For the first time in history, water costs are surpassing heating costs.
And, unlike heating, which is typically controlled by the management, water users have an unlimited supply available at the turn of a faucet.
We're here to empower you. You can put a lid on water costs.

Our mission: Helping you reduce and recoup your water costs

There are ways to avoid overpaying for wasted water, surcharges and errors.
At The Water Group, we ensure that:

  • Commercial tenants are metered and billed for their exact usage. Property owners should only be a conduit between the water service provider and the commercial user.
  • Residential tenants are aware of the responsibility we all have to conserve water. Water waste can be minimized by installing water-saving devices and keeping fixtures in good repair.
  • Your bills are accurate, you're taking advantage of any available programs.
  • Your water system set-up is code-compliant, in good repair, and recording actual usage.

Our history

Founded in 1992, The Water Group was originated by Gerald Hirsch and was known as the Gerald Hirsch Water Management Company. Although our name, location and methods have evolved and been upgraded continuously throughout our history, the fundamentals remain the same.
Currently the organization is run by Chaim Krauss who has been with the company since 1997. Processes are in place to ensure that senior staff is briefed up-to-the-minute on every development in every case. We continue to physically evaluate every property's water system set-up; no armchair diagnosis here. And, most of all, we've maintained our reputation of integrity and comprehensive handling of all cases. The water utility companies know that, and so do our valued clients.

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